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The best

choice is to

quit cigarettes

and nicotine


Everyone knows smoking is harmful and addictive. The best choice for any smoker is to quit cigarettes and nicotine altogether. Whilst many people do quit, those adults who don’t, deserve accurate information about smoke-free alternatives, and the science behind them.

There are some common misconceptions that can lead to confusion around smoke-free alternatives. This website provides factual information that may be relevant to adults considering moving away from cigarettes to smoke-free alternatives.

Here are

the facts:

fact 1
smoke is the main problem

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fact 2
many are confused about the facts

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fact 3
better alternatives exist

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Why is

Philip Morris

doing this?

Understanding the problem with burning is an important consideration for adults who would otherwise continue smoking. It can help them to make informed decisions about whether to switch to a better alternative to cigarettes.

The site is operated for the purpose of providing general factual information about these issues, and to address misconceptions about smoke-free innovations. The site is not operated for advertising or marketing purposes. The material on this site should not be regarded as an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any product.